Welcome to Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy

About Us

Thank you for visiting our page and showing your interest in Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy. 

We are a small physiotherapy practice opened in 2019 with the vision to educate people about their health and well-being. We look at the person as a ‘whole’ rather than just treating an injury or part of a body.

Our Vision

 We can’t stop emphasizing enough on the importance of understanding the biological, psychological and social aspects unique to an individual in order to justify highest quality care and achieving optimal patient satisfaction and results with evidence-based practice.

Our Promise

At Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy, we promise that:

  • We will get R.E.A.L with you – Develop Rapport, Empathize, Ask the right questions, Listen to you effectively.
  • We will LISTEN to you and fully gather details of your narrative to connect, build trust and alliance.
  • We will involve YOU in the rehabilitative process – consider your interests and wants, lay out options and let you decide the most suitable to you.
  • We will interact without judgement.
  • We explain what clinical finding or medical tests mean in the most basic plain language and compare it with normative data.
  • We will not overtreat you rather advise you on self-management strategies once you feel that you are in the space to carry forward independently.
  • We will utilize hands-on/manual therapy wherever required and progress you to exercise-based rehab for long-term gains and best outcomes.
  • The focus is not to provide a ‘cure’ but rather discuss a ‘management’ plan to encourage you to take control of your problem.