Our best practice involves a detailed interview followed by an in-depth examination. We will assess your current capacity, identify barriers to function, provide education about your condition, allow for a shared decision-making to create a unique management plan with the intention to build your self-efficacy to take control of your future doing whatever life throws at you. For some it may be return to work or sport and ultimately being responsible for your health outcomes. Your progress will be evaluated using specific outcome measures that will quantify your journey to recovery

We do not believe in over treating our clientele and we assure you that if we feel your problem falls outside of our expertise, we triage you to an appropriate professional, whether that be another physiotherapist who we recommend, GP, a specialist or any other professional who we think should be part of your health care team.

Please allow yourself 45 minutes if it is an initial consult or if you have more than one problem. It is quite possible that the problems may be related to each other and will require a detailed history taking and examination. 

For a subsequent follow-up appointment please allow 30 minutes. 

We have an option of 45 minutes subsequent sessions for consideration for two different areas. 

If you are visiting us after a gap of 6 months, your appointment will be considered as an initial consultation.

We aim to see you promptly upon your arrival but may occasionally be running late so please expect to wait up to 15 minutes.

Please be courteous to give us a call 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in case you cannot make it. We will not charge you for not attending but there may be someone else who may benefit if you are unable to attend.

No. Doctor’s referral is required only if you have been referred for treatment following a workplace injury (Workcover), a motor vehicle accident (TAC) or under a Medicare plan (Enhanced Primary Care – EPC plan).

We advise you to dress up comfortably to allow examination of the area in question.

Bring along any relevant paper such as scan reports, doctor’s letter or referral. If you are under EPC, do not forget to get the paperwork given by the doctor’s practice. If you are under Workcover/TAC, please bring the relevant claim number or letter from the case manager.

We see patients from ALL health funds and for your convenience, you can claim your health fund rebate on-the-spot using our HICAPS system. But we feel strongly about why we are not a ‘Preferred Provider’ practice. Health funds generally market telling patients to see therapists who are preferred providers or Members Choice practices in order to receive physio treatment and to maximize rebates under their insurance policies. Sometimes, this can become a barrier for YOU to choose the physio YOU PREFER, rather than a physio that the health fund prefers you see. Preferred Providers are not preferred BECAUSE they are providing quality treatment, but because they make a financial agreement with the health fund and it helps to fill their appointment books. In return, health funds gain by securing shareholder profits through an increased number of patients.

At Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy, we provide quality care and services. The best treatment decisions are made through consultation between patient and the therapist without any influence from the health fund.

Health funds impose annual limits on the amount you can claim. If you receive higher rebates back at a Preferred Provider practice, you will reach the limit of what you can claim sooner and then be out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, the health funds focus is to encourage you to go to practices that they have financial arrangements with because it benefits them to do so, particularly once your limit is used up.  

Insurance is usually to cover BIG problems and should pay to cover almost all of your expenses. Extras cover only covers a proportion of relatively small health costs. It may be more cost effective to save your Extras Premiums and use the money you have saved directly towards health costs if you are not really getting value for money from your extras cover. Remember that your health funds impose annual limits on how much you can claim. If you go to a preferred provider practice because they are offering higher rebates, you will reach the limit of what your health fund will cover sooner. If you are spending more on your Extras Premiums than you receive in rebates it might be time to review your policy and decide whether it gives you value for money.If you are unhappy with your current health fund, perhaps it is time for a review?