Prenatal (Pregnancy) Physiotherapy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!!! 

It’s an amazing feeling to bear a tiny human for nine months, giving your every bit for its healthy survival and arrival into this world. But at the same time your body goes through so many changes which can be unsurprisingly overwhelming both physically and emotionally. For some women, it’s a smooth journey whereas for some others, it feels like forever and painstakingly long.

Due to the hormonal changes that occur and the increasing weight of the baby, the abdominal muscles and the ligaments of the pelvis stretches excessively to accommodate the baby within that space. These changes can put you at a risk of developing a range of issues, particularly in the back, pelvis and the pelvic floor.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy Adelaide – At Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy, we work with you right from the first till the third trimester and assist you in this journey. Our goal is to make you comfortable by helping you with pain relief and exercises to maintain your fitness and prepare you for childbirth.

The common conditions we see include:

  • Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain – SIJ pain, pubic bone pain, groin pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Rib pain

Postnatal Physiotherapy

Hooray! You did it! The much-awaited bub is now part of your family and the fourth trimester begins!

Whether you had a vaginal birth or a C-section, either ways childbirth is distressing and takes a toll on your body. You might not get enough rest once you go back home because the new bub takes all your time, attention and energy that ‘YOU’ becomes secondary. With all the sleepless nights, continuous cycle of nursing and nappy change sessions, the body goes for a toss and results in aches and pains.

What are the common postnatal conditions we see?


It includes but not limiting to:

  • Mastitis
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Diastatis Rectus Abdominus Muscle (DRAM i.e. separation of the abdominal muscles)
  • Urinary Stress and Urge Incontinence
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)
  • Overuse injuries of the shoulder, elbow and wrist

How can we help you?

Our treatment options include hands-on/manual therapy as required and a lot of emphasis on exercises generally and specifically for the pelvic floor muscles.

We understand that life gets busier than usual, but we also encourage to take a moment to think about yourself so that your health is not compromised. We want to help you to get back to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels. It takes time and we can help you get started on that journey.

We have personally been there and understand that the road to recovery does not happen overnight. 

Perseverance and consistency is the key and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Do you want your physiotherapist to help you Prenatally/Postnatally?

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