What causes running injury?

Running of course!

 There are different kinds of runners. Some run because they are passionate about it. For some, it is a stress-buster or part of the fitness regime. There are others who run on an elite level who constantly monitoring their numbers. 

Whether you are a regular avid runner or a weekend warrior, we are here to help you build your capacity to run longer, faster and injury-free.

How can your physiotherapist help you with your running?


Our job is to assess your baseline when put under training load and your capacity to handle that load. In a nutshell,we want to know your limits so that you are not pushing your training beyond what your body can cope with. When you increase the loads too rapidly, that’s when something hurts!

We want to know your training volume (how much), intensity (how hard), frequency (how often) and type. There are also other factors that needs consideration such as other sports, work, hobbies and anything in life that adds up to that load.

Recent research highlights the importance of improving the tissue capacity, not just focussing on the injured tissue but throughout the kinetic chain. For example, if you are suffering from knee pain, we would like to know what’s going on with your pelvis, hip and ankle and foot too. The body’s ability to handle load is dependent on a host of factors including strength, movement control, flexibility, running gait and other biomechanical factors. This information can be gathered by recording your running pattern and analysing the deficits, if any.

A combined approach of modifying training and appropriate strength and conditioning is ideal for reducing running injury risk and redressing the balance between loading habits and tissue capacity.

At Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy, we aim to derive considerable comfort and results from research that consistently demonstrates improvements in symptoms with a well-structured and graduated exercise program. We will advise you on the type, duration and dosage of exercise, modify activities if painful. We put great emphasis on education as an essential component of rehabilitation, and attention to lifestyle factors (smoking cessation, nutrition, stress, and sleep management) to enhance outcomes.


Do you want your physiotherapist to help you with a Running Injury?

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