Sports Physiotherapy


At Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy, we offer our expertise in the field of injury and rehabilitation, getting to the bottom of the injuries and aiming at returning back to full fitness as soon as possible. The core idea of the rehab is to reduce the risk of reinjury and optimizing maximum participation in your field of sport.

Sports injuries can be acute, chronic or just a niggle that just refuses to go away.

Our shoulder specialist detailed physiotherapy assessment includes functional and sports-specific movements which is the key to getting to the cause of the problem followed by a treatment plan addressing them for a speedy recovery. It often takes a while to understand the nature of the injury specially when it has been going on for a while. 

It is important to identify the capacity and demand relationship pertaining to the sport as well as in daily work and life situations. Based on that, we assess your baseline and advise exercises to reduce the load initially, and gradually putting it back up again. To make a full sporting recovery, we expect consistency and compliancy to rehab program from your end. 

The exercises will focus to build up your strength, motor control, balance and coordination to make you more agile!

We see people from all sporting backgrounds including AFL, Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming, Running, Gymnastics, Dance/Calisthenics, Golf, Tennis, and CrossFit/Weightlifting/Gym activities.

We also offer pre-season musculoskeletal and sports-specific screening and injury prevention programs and ongoing strength and conditioning programs in our fully equipped gym.


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Praxis Rehab Physiotherapy aims to provide services to the neighbouring suburbs of Adelaide West including Findon, Beverley, Flinders Park, Kidman Park, Seaton, Fulham Gardens, Lockleys, Henley Beach, West Lakes, Grange, Allenby Gardens, Hindmarsh and Woodville.